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Myer Hospital’s outpatient general consultation services serve as the initial point of contact for patients seeking medical advice, routine check-ups, or addressing non-emergency health concerns. Our team of experienced and dedicated general practitioners ensures that patients receive thorough evaluations and personalized care during their outpatient visits. We have a swift and efficient referral process, ensuring […]

Vascular Access

What is Vascular Access? A vascular access is a way to get to your blood so it can be “cleaned” and have extra fluid removed byhemodialysis. What are the Types of Vascular Access? Why is a Fistula the Best Choice? Things to consider. What are Grafts? The joining of an artery and vein using a […]


WHAT IS IT? Hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney failure. Normally, the kidneys work to filter blood and remove waste and excess salt and water. Kidney failure, also called “end-stage kidney disease,” is when the kidneys can no longer filter blood properly.With hemodialysis, a machine takes over the job of the kidneys. Blood is pumped […]

Other questions about kidney disease

Are you at risk for kidney disease? There are certain factors that put you at a higher risk for kidney disease, including your family history, certain health conditions, ethnicity, or overuse of medications. What causes kidney disease? There are many factors that can contribute to kidney disease – most commonly, diabetes and high blood pressure […]

Kidney Replacement Therapy

What is kidney disease? This is when the kidneys stop working as well as they should. When they are working normally, the kidneys filter blood and remove waste and excess salt and water. In people with kidney disease, the kidneys slowly lose the ability to filter blood. In time, the kidneys can stop working completely. […]


Dialysis is a life-saving medical procedure that plays a crucial role in managing and treating individuals with impaired kidney function. The kidneys are vital organs responsible for filtering waste products and excess fluids from the blood, maintaining electrolyte balance, and regulating blood pressure. When kidneys fail to perform these functions adequately, dialysis becomes a necessary […]