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Myer Hospital’s outpatient general consultation services serve as the initial point of contact for patients seeking medical advice, routine check-ups, or addressing non-emergency health concerns. Our team of experienced and dedicated general practitioners ensures that patients receive thorough evaluations and personalized care during their outpatient visits. We have a swift and efficient referral process, ensuring […]

Vascular Access

What is Vascular Access? A vascular access is a way to get to your blood so it can be “cleaned” and have extra fluid removed byhemodialysis. What are the Types of Vascular Access? Why is a Fistula the Best Choice? Things to consider. What are Grafts? The joining of an artery and vein using a […]


WHAT IS IT? Hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney failure. Normally, the kidneys work to filter blood and remove waste and excess salt and water. Kidney failure, also called “end-stage kidney disease,” is when the kidneys can no longer filter blood properly.With hemodialysis, a machine takes over the job of the kidneys. Blood is pumped […]